Virens Earrings Juniper (Made to Order)

Virens Earrings Juniper (Made to Order)

Sculpted by hand from organic natural resin, each Virens earring is made by hand and air dried under the sun, which gives it its irregular shape and bumps.  


Natural resins are obtained from the viscous substances secreted from the bark of trees and the stems of plants. The resin dries and hardens on exposure to the air and sunlight, often forming tears or irregular lumps, which can be removed directly from the tree or collected from the ground below if it has fallen.


Resins have antiseptic qualities and are believed to be produced as a defence mechanism against pathogens, herbivores and parasitic insects, as well as forming a protective barrier that can help to reduce moisture loss from the plant tissues. 


Each pair of Virens earrings is made to order in three weeks and shipped within 24 hours thereafter.  


What is it made of?

Organic natural resin

24k gold plated brass earring pin

Gilded by hand

Diameter: 6 cm

Made in London

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Colour: Gold