Le Soleil Brille Earrings

Le Soleil Brille Earrings

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Inspired by the blazing midday sun on the Gulf of Guinea, Le Soleil Brille will make you shine and dazzle with your favourite open collar blouse.


Materials //

24k gold plated brass

Naturally tinted porcelain enamel

Handmade in our studio

  • With their distinctive designs, MAMATER's selection of demi-fine jewellery is available in gold plated silver, vermeil and stainless steel. Theatrical or discreet, sophisticated and sassy, ​​the originality of these pieces creates surprise and wonder.

    The French - Togolese jewellery atelier offers an ecclectic yet classic selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces inspired by modernist west african art in its Le Golfe de Guinée collection, solo earrings inspired by the rainforest, mismatched pairs such as Les Sculptures and ondulating hoops as in the Le Serpent collection.

    Made in Paris and in London, these essential pieces are entirely fashioned and finished by hand from biodegradable organic materials and ethically sourced metals. 

  • The Le Golfe de Guinée collection is inspired by the shapes and interior architecture I saw in my childhood home in Lomé, Togo. In my very early years, we were living in one of my paternal grandfather’s homes. He was a wealthy man who collected a lot of mid-century furniture and appliances. You see, the 1960s across most of west Africa were a golden decade. It was the time of the independences from the former colonial administrations.This buzzing atmosphere led to a spree of art commissions, distinctly original music and other forms of creativity.

    This contemporary era continues to provide me with endless sources of inspiration that I weave as subtext in my designs. I also love the work of Paul Ahyi, whose gigantesque sculpted sceneries in Lomé and Dakar always move me. Girma Birta, Oscar Niemeyer and Paul Klee are also favourites. Have you seen Brasilia? The entire city’s architecture is endless food for my soul.

    Marilyne Kékéli