This month's Jeweller Letter / September 2019

Time sure has flown by this year. September is almost over...

I've been recently reflecting with a friend on how everyday we are bombarded with emails and solicitations that clog up our lives and drain our emotional energy. I often have to disconnect myself from the constant buzz of it all to recharge and reconnect with myself.

I therefore want this, my first newsletter (and all the ones to come), to be less about the whirlwind buzz, and more about taking the time to get things right and exploring the beauty of nature’s jewels – like a languid piece of jazz on a rainy afternoon.

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[Do you like it? It is the soundtrack I am listening to while writing this note]

Today is my birthday, Sunday 22nd September. I have always been ambivalent about September. As my birthday month, it is the time of the year when I have a good excuse to eat as many cakes as I want. But if like me you are looking at a grey and rainy sky, it is also the month when we shed our lemon-yellow dresses and start covering up.

September has so far been a very busy month for MAMATER. We are actively preparing our upcoming pop up sale in Paris in four days' time (mark your calendars if you are in town from September 26th till October 4th). The pop up will launch our busiest season of the year, the run-up to Christmas. We haven't forgotten our London friends, and are actively planning another sale for you on this side of 2019, so watch this space!

From Thursday 26 September till Friday 4 October 2019

MAMATER pop up @ Africa Monmartre

10 Passage Thiéré, 75011 Paris

Metro line 1, 5 or 8 / Station: Bastille

I have spent the past few weeks in Lome - the capital city of Togo - working on a confidential new project that i cannot wait to share with you later on this year. We also got to shoot some very beautiful pictures in my childhood home, almost twenty years after I left it. The tropical plants, wet walls after the monsoon rain and the happy chants of swallows and sparrows made for the most relaxing afternoon.

Growing up in this home, I remember being curious about the intricate details of my parents' living room furniture. We were in the late 80s, and everywhere I turned I could only see chairs and sofas made of strong golden rattan. The intricate weaving of this very flexible and pliant wood were a thing of mystery in my child's mind. I would later learn more about the intricacies of woodwork and how skilled craftsmen give rattan wood a second life for us all to enjoy.

This past week I unveiled the first few pieces of my new collection HARVEST. Named Le Cannage de Guinée, the headline piece of HARVEST was inspired by the rattan weaving of my childhood and celebrating the wood weaving traditions of the Gulf of Guinea. Le Cannage de Guinée will be available exclusively in our e-boutique and at Africa Montmartre from September 26th.

La Cannage de Guinée, left

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