MAMATER founder Marilyne Kékéli featured on Sustainably Influenced podcast

I abolutely love podcasts. I don't think a day has ever passed this year when I have not listening to a podcast about history, climate change, sustainability or fashion. I am also really into current affairs! And what a year 2020 has been.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very chatty and quite gregarious and always love having a long ranging conversation. So when I was invited by Sustainably Influenced to talk about me, my background and the genesis of MAMATER, I jumped at the idea.

This was my first podcast and it came out so well. If you want to learn more about MAMATER, my journey as a maker and female founder; this will I hope be an enjoyable episode.

A few quotes from my conversation with Bianca and Charlotte on Sustainably Influenced:

How I came to the idea of creating MAMATER...

My appearance was very important in my work. I present a lot in front of various audiences, whether virtually or in person. Look wise, I always struggled with anything that was far too conservative. I do love colours. And I couldn't express that through my clothing. Jewellery became my outlet. Somewhere I could experiment while keeping the more conservative look my work expected.

How I see my work evolving over the next few years...

I want the next 30 years to be focused on doing work that make me and others happy

Where the name of the brand comes from...

MAMATER is very connected to nature. I love nature, I love being in parks, surrounded by plants. I wanted the name of my brand to be connected to it. It should also be something that was connected to my childhood, where I was coming from, my homeland.

You can listen to my conversation with with Sustainably Influenced here on Apple Podcast. The episode is also featured on Spotify and Google Play.

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