July 2020

New Collection: Nouveaux Préludes

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The past few months have felt very surreal. While changes that would have taken decades before accelerated in a matter of hours, we were all forced to shelter in place to stave off the terrible plague our world is currently experiencing. 

Creating a new collection in this context was a challenge. Emotionally, this has been a difficult time, with isolation being a most rude companion to spend time with. 

It has also been a time to challenge my creativity and explore new materials as previously used techniques were not so easily accessible. Lockdown made me explore nature, listen to birds, observe water as it falls from quiet fountains or lay under the sun in a pond. 

This new collection, Nouveaux Préludes, is an hommage to a time when time stood still. A time when things took uneven shapes, distinctive forms and stayed still, interrupted mid performance. If it feels like a patchwork of styles, old and new, it is on purpose. Times of dislocations feel like this. 

Here is to a new normal, where adornments are enjoyed as treasures to enlighten what can feel like bleak repetitive days. 


Marilyne Kékéli

Marilyne Kekeli - MAMATER.jpeg

March 2020

New Collection: Les Nénuphars

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MAMATER - Les Nenuphars - Earrings2.jpg

'Nenuphar' is the very poetic name of water lilies in French

A very common occurence floating above the city of Lome's many lagoons, the water lilies are both loved and considered quite meddlesome.

Their serene beauty makes them a happy sight when the sun rises on the lagoon, while they slow down fishermen trying to steer their boats towards the sea

The nenuphars spark conversations. They are not to be ignored, whether you like them or not...

Ondine 2 - Les Nenuphars earrings - MAMA