Our ethos

Nature is my canvas, my paint, my brush and my inspiration. It is the source of everything...

Founded in 2018, MAMATER has established itself as an honest jewellery and art atelier by committing itself to sustainable production methods and ethical trade practices. 

Where sustainable methods are not yet available, MAMATER is actively seeking alternatives to change this while continuing to create a memorable experience for fans of the brand. 

Marilyne's lifelong passion for nature, plants and their conservation have been important guides in MAMATER's approach to trading and transforming precious metals and stones. 

"While it yields beautiful fruits, mining is a destructive process that scars our planet and destroys animal habitats. I would love for us consumers to invest in better quality jewellery that can be worn forever. Less fast fashion jewellery, and more pieces with meaning that we will treasure for all of our lives"


- Marilyne Kekeli