this is the only home we have...

And it is our duty to protect it for future generations.

As with most things we consume on this planet, jewellery, in its essence, can never be fully sustainable. It is a thousands of years old industry that at its source involves the physical extraction of precious stones and metals from the Earth. 

We want to dispel any myth that jewellery can ever be sustainable. It is at once more complicated and simple than that. 

You see, the precious metals and materials used in traditional jewellery are the fruits of the Earth's geological transformations. They often took hundreds if not thousands of years to slowly form beneath our feet. 

Our modern techniques of extractions have made their consumption faster and more efficient than at any other time in the history of humanity. The more we extract, the more we are depleting the Earth of its geological fruits, depriving future generations of the wonders that nature creates when left to its own devices.

After three years of exploration, we have framed our sustainability approach around two key principles: 



We have reduced the metal waste in our making process by 95%

Since July 2021, we have evolved our making process by transitioning to small scale additive manufacturing techniques that enable us to increase to 95% the amount of precious metal recycled in our manufacturing process. 

Additive manufacturing operates by creating a three-dimensional jewellery piece by binding layers upon layers of metal through a laser heating process. 

Contrary to the lost wax casting techniques we previously used,